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I bought this handsome guy from you in
October 2008...He is the son of Squeaky &
Remington.  Everyone who meets him falls
in love with him... he is such a people
magnet!!!  Almost daily a stranger will me
walking him and ask if they can have him...
ARE THEY CRAZY???  He is my first small
dog ever... and I am completely hooked.  We
go almost everywhere together... the mall,
restaurants with patio seating... even riding
on my scooter!  He loves it!  He's a great
companion with the sweetest personality!!!  I
JUST LOVE HIM!!! or click here
A doll faced Dinky
granddaughter-sold in
I got a male toy Yorkie from you
about 4 years ago, and I have been
soooooooo happy. He is one of
Dinky's boys.

Austin, TX
"I just had to let you know how much I appreciate you breeding my new
baby. He is so healthy and perfect in all ways. He has adapted beautifully to
our home and Tilly "puts up" with him.

..........He has already learned to go on the puppy pads I keep down for Tilly.
If you would like to use me as a reference know that I will always give you
an excellent referral."  

I just wanted to take a moment and
thank you for your time today! I really
appreciate you letting us come out to
your home and visit our newest family
member....We are very excited....

She is just perfect and I have wanted her
for a long time. See you soon!=)


"Bella Rose is going to be her name.
...Your puppies are the best......"    
I dont know if you remember me
or not.  We purchased a little
yorkie from you that we named
Tylee, my son Tyler named her
while we were there.  Her parents
are Chaz De Pizzaz and Rachael.  
She is so sweet, and full of energy.  
I could not have asked for a better
puppy. ……I know all yorkies
have a personality but she really
shines.  Stetson has been my heart,
but she put her paw prints right
next to his.  
Shannon H.
& puppies we have sold

We have that special  puppy that you are looking
for! Quality Toy Yorkshire Terriers
, many with
champion lines
Toys when full grown are typically 5-8 lbs. We recommend the larger toys for families with young
children. Tinies, sometimes called Teacups are just Yorkies that stay extra tiny. There is no official
defining point for an extra tiny, but I consider anything four pounds or less when full grown to be an
extra tiny. Tiny "pocket " sized dogs that you can take anywhere. We have raised Yorkies for about
40 years and have learned a good standard is to triple the weight of the puppy when they are 8 weeks
old or double the weight at 12 weeks of age. This is usually very accurate. We do occasionally have
puppies surprise us and either stay smaller or get a little bigger than expected. Because of this we do
not guarantee a puppy's adult size.  Prices reflect size, quality and the breeding of a particular puppy.
We will always do our best to give you what you desire in your special Yorkie puppy though!
About us....
We have been raising Yorkshire Terriers for over thirty years. WE
give full health guarantees. We raise for QUALITY
in breed
standards, health and disposition
. All of our puppies are AKC
registered and many have Champion lines. I specialize in raising
beautiful Yorkies with that sweet outgoing temperament that makes
this breed so awesome! Questions are always welcome!
About the breed


Yorkshire Terriers make great pets! They are full of life and very smart.
They are generally very hardy and are non-shedding. Their silky,
human-like hair is easy to care for and wonderful to pet. They are known
for their fearlessness-big dog in a tiny body. Because of this they do not
tend to "fear bite" making them a great children's pet. Though we do not
recommend the "tinies" for very young children because they are fragile.

Shimmertime Yorkies
Wanted to send you a message and let you
know how pleased we are to have this bundle
of energy. She is adjusting very well to her
new home and her new old brother Mikey.
We have lots of friends & family asking
where did we get this cute little girl. Once
again thank you so much for doing what
you do for the puppies. Lexi was born on
10/18/10 and her daddy is Remington and
mother was Midget. I have enclosed a pic of
her. She got that teddy bear face, So cute.

Billie B.
Hi Leann,
I just wanted to share a picture of our puppy we got from
you back in May. My daughter named him Raz and he has
stolen the hearts of us all, even my husband (although he
won't admit to it)! He has the best attitude and demeanor
and is loveable and cuddly to boot! He loves my daughter
just as much as she loves him. He has adapted very well,
and is already house trained. We're going on two weeks
now with no accidents and he barks when he needs out! So,
with that said, I would like to say thank you and tell you
that you've done a great job with your breeding selections.
We couldn't be happier with our little fuzzy puppy!   Thanks
again,   Tisha
"Ziggy"-sold in 2011 to Debra from
Garland. A year later Debra says
"The male I bought from you with
the parents Fancy Pantz and
Remington is a real sweetheart. He
weighs exactly 2 lbs. He has been
really healthy..."

She is purchasing 2 more babies
this year to be friends to Ziggy!
Hi Leann,
It's almost been a year since we met you at
your sisters to pick up daisy.  Her parents
are angel and chaz.  She has been the most
loving wonderful dog we have had.   We
have another who is 15 and not doing well.  
As soon as we see him through this we will
contact you for another.  Thank you for
raising such great dogs.
Nancy and John lee
I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much
for the two most precious little boy. Tuffy and Sweets are
the two we bought from you back in 2010. They were
born April 1st 2010, I don't have the papers with me so I
don't know who the parent are. We have been very
pleased with our two boy, they have been very healthy.
Sammy Jr is our 12 year old that we had when we bought
the two from you, Sammy Jr has become more active
with the two younger boys being around. I hope you and
your family have a very Merry Christmas. Keep up the
good work of raising such beautiful Yorkie. We will
always keep you in mind if we ever need another Yorkie.
I've attached a picture of the boys.
I wanted to give you an update on Izzy.
She is such a sweet, fun,
playful little girl. We all love her so much.

She still hasn't made it to the two pound
mark yet but she has grown
quite a bit.

She had her first grooming today. The
groomer, Four Paws in San
Angelo, just loved her. She did great!  
I'm including pictures I took

Thank you so much for our beautiful little

Sold in 2013
Hi LeeAnn!
Hope you are doing well. I
Purchased Rylie from you
in 2011 and just wanted to
share some pictures with
you. We could not be
happier with her! We love
Thank you!!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you so
much for our precious Grey (out of DJ and Chloe
(or Sophie?... can't remember the mom for sure).  
He has added such joy to our family after the
devastation of our other yorkie being stolen from
our yard.

Grey is so loving and playful and TINY - he is 9
months old now and only weights 1.9lbs.  
Everyone that sees him falls instantly in love with
him (and makes fun of his stature).  :)

Brooks W
She’s just over a year old
now, so I thought I’d share
a couple of pics of Kayti
with you. She is an
awesome little girl, and still
weighs just under 2 pounds.
Sparkles is 14 1/2
months old. 2 1/2
pounds. We LOVE her

from Taylor

Hi Leann!
Little Zoey Jo will be
nine months here on
January the 16th. She
weighs 2lbs 4oz. We
ADORE her so much!
She is so smart!   I
have also taught her to
sit, stay and shake.Her
personality is super
sweet and of course
that face makes your
heart melt every time
you see her! She is a
joy and a mess (a
good mess!) all
wrapped into one
sweet little girl.
Everyone who meets
her quickly falls in
L��VE with her!